How Youtube Is Driving Innovation?

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Watching online videos on YouTube can be a passion to many people. According to TED’s head Chris Anderson, the online web videos are promoting a worldwide phenomenon called ‘Crowd Accelerated Innovation’. This is innovative as it is a self-fuelling cycle- people learn by themselves! YouTube has become a place for all the age groups to watch videos. Buy youtube subscribers. It has a massive viewership of 3.25 billion hours per month. So how is YouTube driving innovation? Here are 5 ways by which YouTube has positioned itself for driving innovation:

1. YouTube has helped to create a modern and global studio system:

Content or video marketing is quite easy. However, many people find the creative aspect as a barrier to the video making world. But when it comes to YouTube, it has helped creators in various ways. Understanding the equipment needed for making videos, editing and optimizing it is not always easy. YouTube has allowed the content creators to access YouTube Spaces, make 360-degree and HDR video, support virtual reality and live broadcasting at 4k. By providing such amazing features, YouTube has helped to innovate in the content creation market significantly.


2. YouTube has become a mobile-first experience:

A mobile phone can be carried anywhere. It is light, handy and easy to use. Not to mention, it opens any application in a split second. But this is not the case for computers. Such reasons have made mobiles the first choice for people. YouTube has created innovation, as it has understood what the viewers want and has created a mobile-first experience. This has led to more views on mobile than on computers!




3. YouTube’s new algorithm has increased the viewership:    

YouTube has created a new algorithm aimed at optimizing ‘watch time’. This algorithm has helped them in delivering videos to viewers that they want to watch. The result? Now 1 billion hours of video are watched on YouTube every day! So if you are a video creator or marketer, you need to take a note on this! Remember, that only good quality videos can surpass the quality!


4. YouTube is delivering to their user groups:

YouTube has successfully built a platform, where the needs of every user group has been taken care of! They understand that these user groups are the source behind the generation of their revenue. This has led to significant innovation, as they have started to offer virtual reality for people who are interested, built apps for gamers and kids and have collected data to provide a personalized and unique experience for their viewers.


5. YouTube has come up with the ‘Premium’ platform:

Amazon prime and Netflix offer tons of movies, TV shows and original content at a very minimum cost. To get in the game, YouTube has come with ‘YouTube Premium’. With various subscription plans, it offers an ad-free experience for its users. Aimed at their teenage audience, they offer tons of TV shows and movies that can be bought or rented out.


With dozens of features and their state-of-art experience, YouTube is a hub for driving innovation. Planning out what their users want to provide a platform where the creators can explore- YouTube has done it all to drive innovation!




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