GM Unveils a Refreshed Chevy Bolt EV and its Bigger, yet Compact Crossover Sibling

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GM launched its latest yet durable ChevyBolt EV Sunday as a portion of the goal of its automaker that 30 Electrical Vehicles should be introduced during the next 4 years. She also revealed the new Chevrolet Bolt EUV.

The vehicles, which will be sold this summertime, are just like brother and sister. The pair have many identical DNA and yet distinct disparities from their own. The EUV is more spacious than the hatchback of the Bolt 2022 than EUV. GM extended the EUV’s wheelbase by approximately 3 inches. The EUV is 6 inches larger as compared to Bolt EV, resulting in a small crossover with rear legroom of 39.1 inches.

The EUV, the GM acronym for electrical utility vehicles, is also the leading Chevrolet to get a hands-free Super Cruise driver help system. Even so, the hands-free system will not be standard. Drivers need to upgrade far beyond the starting price of EUV for 33995 USD.

This price point of 339995 USD is characterised by its cheapness, which is actually slightly cheaper than Chevy Bolt in 2021. A further price reduction has come from the new refreshed Chevy Bolt, described more in detail below.

The take: GM uses its measure to keep costs low, hoping that customers with the expanding range of electricity solutions will be attracted.

EUV does have an effective area of about 250 miles, just several miles shorter as compared to Bolt EV, and is equipped with such a regular dual-level load cord that allows operators to choose 120V & 240V.

Native navigation is also provided with the EUV. In this two-member Bolt portfolio, it is an excellent contribution. The Bolt EV, first introduced in 2016, has no native in-car browsing and focuses on Apple CarPlay as well as Android Auto for maps as well as directions.

Note that none of the vehicles belongs to the new GM-revealed Ultium battery stage in the spring of the year 2020. A variety of products throughout their brands, such as trucks, compact cars, premium SUVs, as well as performance vehicles, are supported by the Ultium platform. The Bolt EV, as well as Bolt EUV, should be viewed as a significant squad, two cars that help to hold it in play as they work towards their more ambitious strategy on electronics.



The Chevrolet Bolt of 2022

Bolt EUV was not Sunday’s only GM vehicle. The car manufacturer also renewed Chevrolet Bolt, an electric hatchback vehicle first built 4 years ago.

The result: Many of the information remained identical, the interior was upgraded and 5500 USD lowered.

The BEV-2 battery platform of Chevy Bolt in 2022 has been maintained.

The car is being sold this summer with a battery pack of 65-kilowatt hours, which is approximately 259 miles. It is still powered by one single-engine, which generates 200 hp & 266 pound-feet in torque, much like the original motor. This vehicle’s width is identical to previously, and it has increased to 63.5 inches by height.

The Chevy Bolt 2022, starting at 31995 USD, is more affordable than the Bolt EUV. GM tried, according to the company, to prepare a little more, like the updated modern car interior as well as “more comfortable” buckets. GM says the modifications are predicated on feedback from customers.

The car consists of a 10.3-inch touchscreen and an eight-inch instrument cluster that is a little larger. The 2022 model features Apple CarPlay as well as Android Auto, as in the previous version. The Chevy Bolt 2022 does not yet come equipped with in-built navigation but instead relies on CarPlay as well as Android Car.

A new feature is the centrally controlled button, which can be used to drive a single pedal. Once the pilot leaves the accelerator, the regenerative braking kicks in and brings the car to a halt. The driver needs to press the accelerator pedal to keep moving.

GM’s hands-free operator support system called Super Cruise is not available on the Bolt. For this arrangement, GM has been choosing the Bolt EUV for the last few years in Cadillac. The “Safety Assist” standard comes only with Bolt hatchback, six characteristics with lane support, and an alert when the vehicle leaves its lane.




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