Taxi Booking Management System

Your Cab Manager, simply defines that it’s suppose to manage the entire cab company

Your Cab Manager – venture of Gusani Infotech started off with Web Designing and Development only but today we are not only developers but an Idea to give a simplified website designing and development with a perfect touch of focused UI for Cab Businesses in United Kingdom and make complete Cab Management Software for them.

As our primary focus was on UI, we made the website look User Friendly and also made sure that the website structure is SEO friendly so that, the business get’s boom sooner on major search engines. Your Cab Manager gives you a real managerial function and features to dispatch your taxies, manage your cars, add appropriate rates and to lower down cab company’s efforts in managing the entire business online because we provide you taxi/cab booking software.

Your Cab manager is a Proud Venture of Gusani Infotech. We are upcoming player in the field of taxi dispatch software and online taxi booking software.

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How we get idea about YCM?

We got in this Idea while talking to a client few years ago. Over the call we understood that a company really has a pain of managing its cabs, its drivers, costing per journey, managing discounts, promoting and marketing its website, managing drivers and their journeys and so forth. This led us to make a complete web application for Taxi Transfer Companies in UK and other parts of Europe. We also want every taxi business convert into Online Booking Engine So we have another option too, cab booking software

Is this Application Only for Business? Naah…

Not only the Taxi Company! but also a passenger who’s going to make a booking on the website designed by us, has to have core benefits of our product and it’s design, and thus we went into the depth, understanding the needs of Passenger to book a Cab before traveling, while traveling or after traveling Via Airplane or Cruises. Thus we got in to some questions and their answers helped us to understand a passenger better.Having said that, we have made a product which stays in a passenger’s pocket 24*7 and through which, a passenger can make a booking in less than 1 minute.Thus, our objective is to get a booking confirmed as quick as in 1 minute, and to manage each booking in MAX 3 clicks.Our Mission is to become a Nexus, an IT nexus for each Taxi Transfer Company and become an Asset to them by adding more to their ROI. Our Process, Is what helps us to achieve success in each project that we work on.Let’s Join Hands, to add more passengers to your booking list.