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Taxi Dispatch System

Package Time Frame

5 to 7 Weeks

Package Cost

£ 4200

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Front End Features

Quick Quote:
Home page of the taxi dispatch system will have a quick quote box where they can get a quote by entering the Departure postcode and Arrival Postcode.

Book a Car:
The passenger will be able to select vehicle from the list that is generated by the system automatically based on the no of passengers.

Once the car booking is completed, the passenger will be redirected to registration page where they can submit their details can select the payment method such as Cash, Card or any other payment gateway.

User accounts:
Provide seperate account for your registered members as well as your business users. Send automatic invoice every month to your business users.

Track drivers:
User will be able to track the driver for the current booking once the job is assigned to the driver.

Reviews and ratings:
Users will be able to view the review and rating of the other users of the system and will also be able to submit their review.

Website Admin End Features

After successful login in the taxi dispatch system, admin will be able to view the summary of the entire system on the dashboard. It will include the statistics such as new bookings, total revenue and new users.

Admin will be able to view all the enquires in the booking table with summary of details such as date of booking, date of journey, passenger name, E-mail address, contact number, selected car, number of passengers and status. Also each row will have action column from where admin can view and manage (edit/assign) the booking.

Priority Inquiry:
This section will help admin to segregate the enquirers which are on priority, and which needs to be completed in within 24 hours or 48 hours.

Assign job to Driver:
Admin will be able to select the driver and assign the job to them.

System will send notification to the driver that job has been assigned to them also an email notification will be sent to the passenger with the driver details.

Vehicle management:
Admin will be able to add “N” number of vehicle in the system with the configurations such as no of passengers, no of luggage, no of overweight luggage and etc.

Cost Break Down:
This function would help admin to manage the cost calculation of the system. Admin will be able to set the rates per mile for each vehicle in the system as well as he will be able to set the minimum cost for the mile range.

Holiday Fare:
Vacation fair will give an automated raise in all the rates in certain date range that is set by the admin. EXAMPLE: – you want to raise 1.5{83bc7a4324752042463f38033f0f0d6c0294e1c61f537ec6e1e56d3ec41e5157} raise in the fees on Christmas, you can easily get in the system, set the calendar for the vacation period and set the rates for all the cars and that’s it!

Same as the extra cost, admin will be able to set the discount for the specific date range for all the bookings that has been done in the system.

Admin will be able to manage the locations in the system; from the location we mean the “HOT LOCATIONS” for example HEATHROW AIRPORT TERMINAL 1, GATWICK AIRPORT. So that when passengers put in the location, they get the drop down from the initial character itself. Also admin will be able to set different surcharges for the locations as well.

Fix cost:
Admin will be able to set fix price for specific journey from the system. When the booking is done by the passenger falls into this category, system will show the price set by the admin instead of calculating the cost per mileage.

User management:
Manage all the personal account and Business Acounts separately in the admin panel

The page will have list of all registered passenger along with icon for edit, delete, view bookings and referral.

Admin will be able to manage the drivers from the admin panel. Admin will be able to pre allocate the taxi transfer to specific driver on specific date and it will be scheduled automatically to the driver. The driver will get the notification on email for the same. (Also, we can add the sms function for the same)

Reviews and ratings:
Admin will be able to view and manage the visibility of the ratings and reviews that are submitted by the passengers from the website or the mobile app.

Unlimited Landing Page:
From the admin panel of the website, the administrator will be able to make unlimited landing pages which would help the website to rank good on specific destination transfer.

Export in Excel Format:
Admin can generate excel format of the data like details of passengers/booking history done till date and also the data of drivers respectively.

This page will have date filter using which admin can filter the data as per his requirement. As per the selection, the data in the table will be filtered.

The data on the table can be export with CSV, Excel, PDF and also can be printed from this page.